Whats your Perception?

Sure, your home is your pride and joy.

But is that how the prospective buyer sees it?

Well, that all depends on their perspective.

Just like the very popular illusion below, you may see an old lady or a young lady in the drawing at the right. And once you see one, it can be difficult to switch and see the other perspective.

Some owners get caught in the same trap with their own view of the Market value of their property and see their home as unique and valuable, but may not be the perspective that matters.

The question is, how does the market perceive your property?

It’s a common fallacy that people buy based on price. Well some do, but most people buy based on value or rather their perception of value.

Always keep in mind what you define as expensive and cheap. Your perception of expensive is relative. Just because something is considered as cheap to you, it does not mean it is actually cheap. Always consider possible alternatives, evaluate your needs vs. wants, and go with a quality items. Price does not mean everything.

If you can’t see it from your buyers perspective, get someone independent to assess your property. Since perspective can be difficult to judge, here are three indicators you should get independent help:

  • You don’t know what’s the weakest component of your property?
  • You feel the market competitors ( other properties) are not of the same quality or class?
  • Your property is not driving the market share or interest it deserves?

When prospective buyers see your property, do they see problems or value?

Your Turn

  • Are you having difficulty determining if you should keep or sell your property?
    I know many who are unsure.So do this for me: tell yourself, why do we keep the property?
    Whats the long term plan?
    Whats the market think my properties worth?
    How long can I wait until I need more money to repay debt?
    When will the house cost me money?

Need some help to gain some answers, and guess what, we might even change your perception.

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