Are you looking for an income stream that will last until long after you’ve retired?


Are you looking for an income stream that will last until long after you’ve retired?

Wealth creation for our Landlords is one of our key objectives.

Try our Real Estate Investor Questionnaire and see if your ready to invest.

1. Are you looking to add to your current investment portfolio?
o Yes o No

2. If Yes, when do you plan on purchasing another property?
o 0-3 months o 3-6 months o 6-12 months o 1-2 years

3. What is your approximate budget for your next purchase?
o Less than $300,000
o $300,000 – $350,000
o $350,000-$400,000
o $400,000 – $500,000
Over $500,000

4. In what areas are you planning to invest?
o Rosebud o Capel Sound o Tootgarook/Rye ____________________________

5. Please select the real estate investment property types you are interested in:
o Acreage/semi-rural
o Apartment
o Block of Units
o House
o Land Development
o Semi-detached/duplex
o Terrace o Townhouse o Unit
o Vacant Land o Villa

6. Choose which property classes interest you:
o Class A: Recently refurbished ready to lease
o Class B: Un-renovated but ready to lease
o Class C: Property needs refurbishing or renovated prior to leasing

7. What is your investment strategy?
o Short Term
o Long Terms
o High Rental Yield
o Capital Growth
o Positive Gearing
o Negative Gearing
o Undecided

8. How will you finance your real estate investments?
o Bank o Mortgage Broker o Super Fund o Cash
o Other ____________________________

9. Are you interested in a strategy for ways your rental return could be improved?
o Yes
o No

Are you looking for an income stream that will last until long after you’ve retired?

Investment Objectives

10. Have you ever had a tax depreciation report done for your investment property or portfolio?
o Yes o No

11. To make my investment financially viable I will investigate services to assist during the investment process (please tick):
o Lawyer/Conveyancer
o Mortgage Broker
o Taxation Accountant
o Quantity Surveyor
o Insurance Broker
o Financial Planner
o Property Managers
o Contractors
o Buyers Advocate
o Sales Team
o Other ____________________________

12. What are your key motivators for investment in Real Estate?
o Retirement
o Cash Flow
o Life Style Change
o Vacation
o Minimising Tax
o Other ____________________________

13. Would you like First National Burnie to give you a market opinion of what our current property is worth?
o Yes o No

14. Other Comments:
We hope to be able to serve you with your investment decision.

Please forward your questions and we will be in touch to discuss the details with you.

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