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First National Basso Spring Update 2019


As a tenant, it’s important you keep your lawns mowed, edging done and weeds under control at all times – unless there are other arrangements stipulated in your lease.
With spring here, we all need to tend to our gardens more regularly, before they become overgrown or unsightly.
Now’s the ideal time to remove deadwood and give plants a general, all-over prune before they go back into their growth cycle.
If your garden becomes unsightly, you could find yourself in breach of the terms of your lease for failing to keep your garden in good order and nobody wants that.
Local councils also have the power to impose fines for properties that are not maintained in a neat and tidy manner, particularly when a neighbour complains.


 Landlords have, at minimum, a duty to assure their tenants are occupying a safe and secure property but responsibilities differ across the country.

Fundamentally, the one consistent obligation nationally is to maintain the structure, make sure all landlord owned appliances are in safe working order, prevent health issues such as rising damp, and anything else mentioned in the lease agreement.

Around the country, some states require bonds to be lodged with appropriate Government authorities and fines apply to Landlords breaching the rules.

Smoke alarm legislation differs nationally but regardless, it’s critical that all homes are fitted with well maintained, appropriately located detectors – and that all heaters are checked by qualified technicians annually.

Fundamentally, all landlords should approach ownership of a rental property with the attitude that they are obliged to adhere to the laws of their state or territory, as is their property manager, and that they want to always be sure that their property is safe and secure for their tenants.

Selling with HYPERLOCAL to put you First

First National Real Estate is keeping its customers in front of its exclusive new Hyperlocal marketing campaigns.
Hyperlocal advertising leverages the power of data to target buyers who have demonstrated ‘active intent’ in your marketplace. This could mean that they’ve visited a major real estate website, recently applied for a mortgage, or perhaps their loyalty card shopping patterns have indicated they’re likely to move soon.
It’s highly effective, expertly targeted, and has revolutionised the way in which we market and sell properties.
First National Real Estate is the only Australian real estate brand with its own independent system, which means our marketing costs are about 50% lower than you might find elsewhere. We’re reaching extraordinary numbers of people and driving down marketing costs in the process.

CoreLogic’s Recent Research

The home value index showed that national city dwelling values increased 0.8% over the month, the first nationwide monthly increase in values since October 2017.
The recovery of housing buyers has accelerated over the month.
This continues a trend we’ve observed throughout the year, whereby confidence falls, the market loses momentum and has now started to rise.
The significant lift over the month aligns with a consistent increase in auction clearance rates and a deeper pool of buyers at a time when the volume of stock advertised for sale remains low.
It’s likely that buyer demand & confidence is responding to the positive effect of a stable federal government, as well as lower interest rates, tax cuts and a subtle easing in credit policy.


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