Rosebud Beachs rated one of the cleanest by the EPA

The EPA rates Rosebud Beach’s as one of the Best Water quality

Did you see the article in Sunday’s Hearld Sun last weekend?

The article was MELBOURNE’S beaches could face temporary closures again this summer as a result of contamination.

The Environment Protection Authority issued a series of water-quality warnings that closed beaches around Port Phillip Bay last summer.

Heavy downpours had flushed faecal contaminants into the bay, increasing the risk of gastro.

EPA chief environmental scientist Dr Andrea Hinwood said the closures could happen this summer if Melbourne had heavy rain after a string of dry days.

But having a splash out of the city could prove safest.

The Dell, Eastern, Portarlington and St Leonards — all in and around Geelong — came up trumps in the EPA’s water-quality testing of 36 beaches last summer.

Half Moon Bay, Blairgowrie and Mt Martha also ranked highly.

In a surprise, the conditions at beaches in Brighton, Elwood and Beaumaris were worse than at Altona.

Frankston, Werribee South, Port Melbourne and St Kilda sunk to the bottom of the water-quality table.

The EPA will start issuing daily water quality forecasts on Friday.

The authority tests faecal contamination, water clarity, pH levels and a raft of other measures to determine whether it is safe to take a dip.

We agree, that our beaches are one of the best in the world.


The Dell



St Leonards




Santa Casa

Safety Beach




Frankston LSC

Werribee South

Frankston CG

Port Melbourne

St Kilda








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