Shipwreck’d’ Studio Gallery in Rosebud

The new Shipwreck’d’ Studio Gallery, which features artworks reflecting environmental themes.

Co owner, Tim Growcott jokes that the occasionally uneven floor at his Rosebud art gallery prompted its name.

After all, the floor is reminiscent of the rise and fall of ocean waves.

But jokes aside, the name — Shipwreck’d Studio Gallery — reflects the strong marine and environmental themes of the artworks on display.

Many of the pieces made by Growcott — who teamed up with fellow Chisholm art students Mahon Bowe and Isabelle Sury to set up the gallery — are made from items found on the beach.

“We all love the beach,” Growcott said.

Driftwood and other pieces of marine debris are routinely incorporated into the artworks.

“There’s an enormous amount of washed up and underused material. It gets wasted,” he said.

“It’s seeing the value in what appears to be rubbish or of no value. We want to change how people think about what they throw away.”

Growcott says art can transform virtually any item.

“It can create a new way of looking. It’s about showing that art is accessible and there for everyone.”

Shipwreck’d Studio Gallery, 7 Rosebud Pde, Rosebud.


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