First National Basso News Autumn 2020


First National Basso News Autumn 2020


In response to the Australian Government Department of Health recommendations related to Coronavirus, we are strictly observing all health precautions guidelines issued by the government and health authorities.

 Depending on our locations nationally, we’re either conducting open homes and auctions or, we’re making private inspection appointments and handling auctions online. We’re even offering home appraisals digitally; yes, there’s no need for us to actually come to your property to offer an opinion of likely value.

Naturally, we’re avoiding direct contact such as shaking hands, we’re observing social distancing requirements, deferring non-essential property inspections, and working with clients responsively on specific arrangements where necessary.

However, the business of real estate continues and we are privileged to help our customers complete their moves, find new homes, and enjoy one of the most important aspects of life anybody could want – a place to call home.

Whatever our government requirements, we’ll continue to make the necessary changes to keep Australia moving.

Handy Decorating tips

When you’re renting, you want the flexibility to make your rental property feel like your own home. So, here are some handy decorating tips that can help you decorate without risking damage and your bond.

These changes won’t cause permanent marks or changes to the house and this will make your landlord very happy. The changes don’t have to be intrusive; they can be subtle and make you feel at home until you find the next property.

The rug life – Many landlords shy away from letting their tenants tear up the carpet or stain the floors. That’s understandable. There is often too much risk involved and it could end up costing them a lot of money to change for future tenants. Plus, some apartment buildings have by-laws preventing carpets being replaced with tiles or other harder surfaces.

Instead, buying a rug can change the atmosphere of a room and it can do wonders for the design. Rugs can brighten a dark room, change the colour theme, and provide great floor protection. It will make a huge difference to the room but not to the bank account, and of course, it’s not a permanent change.

A feature wall of art – A feature wall is often associated with painting one wall a different colour from the others, but you can also make it a feature wall using art. Using wall-friendly adhesives you can attach shelves and hang decorations to liven up the space.

Framed photos and pictures are a simple and inexpensive way to add a splash of colour to the room without painting it. You want to make the wall the first thing that people look at when they walk in the room, so it’s time to get creative.

Pot plants – Some people shy away from going green in their house because they feel they need a green thumb, or that there’s just too much maintenance involved. However, potted or hanging plants indoors can be a lovely addition. Some of the top plants to keep inside are dumb canes, rubber plant, pin-stripe calatheas, and orchards. Door hooks are available that allow you to hang pots without mounting hooks, screws, or nails.


Working from Home

Working from home can be amazing, but if you’re unaccustomed to it the adjustment can be a little daunting. Here are some tips to get you settled in.

Set a daily schedule – Planning your day is invaluable when working from home. Spend the last 20 minutes of each day planning a worklist for tomorrow.

Dress for work – By all means, dress for comfort, but staying in your PJs won’t be the best way to get ready for the day. Being well presented will have you feeling better, and not have you scrambling around for suitable clothing when someone springs a Zoom meeting on you.

Designate your space – Make sure you put together an area in your home where you can be at your best – free of TV distraction. That way you’ll be able to close the door on work at the end of the day.

Tie the kids up – If you have children in the house, use their needs as an excuse to take a break – whether it’s playing with them outside briefly, preparing lunch for them, or setting them up with art & craft activities.

Take regular breaks – You often work more effectively if you take regular breaks, and never forget lunch! It’s important!

Stay connected – Social media, phones, SMS, and Facetime are there for a reason, and making sure your friends, relatives, and colleagues are going OK in their own spaces is a great idea. Just because you’re in self-isolation doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. So check in on one another and look out for them.

Friday drinks online via Zoom – Friday night was invented for a reason, and that was to paaaartaaaaay. So, make sure you use it to decompress. With technology in place, you can even invite a few friends over. There’s Zoom, House Party, and other software and apps that allow you to still ‘share the vibes without the virus’. So, think laterally about catching up with friends for a themed discussion, a cocktail session, a music boogie, dress up drinks online, or a silly hat night. Go for it!

Sign out – This is the most important factor when you work from home. Be disciplined about this. When you finish your work, really finish. Unplug, if possible, at a set time. Don’t fall into the trap of checking email, unless there’s something super important you’re waiting on, otherwise, you’ll be replying to emails at 11:30 pm and sleeping poorly – which makes for a lousy start to your day tomorrow!

Wishing you all the best on your workday from everyone at First National!

Investment Property Checklist

As summer winds down and the air gets a bit crisper, there’s no excuse for overlooking your investment property’s management.

You always want your investment property to attract as much interest as possible and the change of season offers a good opportunity to make this happen. If you’re in between tenancies or just looking to make some improvements, here are some things to think about.

Gutter time – Make sure all the guttering, pipes and downspouts on your property are up to scratch. Faulty pipes can cause water damage to your property’s exterior, so check for rust and corrosion, and clear out any built-up debris. Cooler weather brings rain, so inspect the roof for any weak spots or leaks that could create problems in the long-run. You want to avoid any issues that could discourage tenants. Ask us for a condition report and specifically ask that the condition of your guttering is checked.

Seal it up – A warm, dry, and healthy house will appeal to all tenants. Mould and dampness are not easy to get rid of, once established, and they’re one of the most common causes of problems between tenants and landlords. So, prevent these problems before they start. Ask us to check external doors and windows for gaps, cracks, or faulty locks.

Safety check – Heaters and fireplaces are fire hazards during the cold months, so inspections are important. Property managers typically check smoke detectors as part of their condition reporting regimes as well, but if you’re self-managing, you need to make sure your property’s smoke detectors are working and properly positioned.

Clean – Why wait until spring to clean up your rental property? Gardens can become tatty during the cooler seasons, so prepare the greenery by weeding and replenishing the garden beds. A property with a lovingly tended garden will almost certainly attract a tenant that appreciates your efforts and will follow your example.
Tax Tips – As we head into autumn, the end of the financial year isn’t far off either. That means it’s time to think about the other things you could be doing to maximise your rental property’s yield before you lodge this year’s tax return.

Tax experts recommend that rental property owners obtain a Tax Depreciation Report before the end of the financial year. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, you can potentially add thousands of dollars to your annual return. We recommend BMT Tax Depreciation.

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