Why we love the Peninsula?

Find out why we Love the Peninsula and escape the city this year and celebrate a glorious long weekend.

Why the Peninsula?

Combine idyllic European coastal living with good old Australian charm and you’ll get the Mornington Peninsula.
Located just an hour from Melbourne, the region is a combination of seaside towns and local wineries, and the stunning coastline walks will take your breath away.
Whether you’re up for a day trip, making a little getaway of it or visiting for the whole summer, the compact size of the region and diverse activities means you’ll never have a dull day.

The Mornington Peninsula is known for many things. Golf, water sports and adventures, and even its gardens. However, for many, the hot springs are what influences their visit.
The hot springs at the Mornington Peninsula use natural hot mineral waters that flow from an underground aquifer almost 640m below the surface.

The welcoming waters of the Mornington Peninsula offer something for everyone, with calm waters on the golden bay beachside through to frenetic surf on the ocean side. Whether it’s adrenaline watersports or relaxing by the water’s edge, you won’t be disappointed.

For something a little bit different, there are three huge maze gardens dotted around the Mornington Peninsula. Get lost among the twists and turns.
Home to Australia’s oldest and most famous hedge maze, Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens is set among 25 acres of world acclaimed gardens. The hedges form a beautiful circular rose maze with thousands of metres of pathways to explore, and the lavender labyrinth flowers all year round, with more than 3000 lavender plants overlooking the Arboretum.

Other than the hot springs, though, there are a number of things to keep visitors busy, or relaxed, however, you want to spend your time.

We have some great event ideas for the weekend on the Peninsula.

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