Selling and Buying Property using Technology with First National Basso

buying and selling home with technology

Selling and Buying Property using Technology has never been so easy with First National Basso

7 Ways to Use Technology When Selling a Home


What does the future hold?

As technology continues to evolve, the way we buy and sell houses is expected to continue to change with it in future years. Global trends analysts  predicted what will be involved in selling a house in 2025 – and the results make interesting reading:

“Hyper-realistic 3D virtual reality (VR) home viewings, invisible high-tech sales boards that ‘talk’ to a homebuyer’s smartphone, and wearable devices that enable buyers to virtually refit a house to their own taste and style as they explore it for the first time” – these are just three of the technological changes expected to hit the property industry in the next ten years.

With Generation Z able to access such a broad range of information digitally, the report’s authors predicted that browsing potential properties would need to be as simple and convenient as possible. Not only does this mean that online house searches will need to be highly personalised, but the next generation will expect to do most of their house searches and inspections through mobile-connected devices and personal drones. Physically going out and inspecting dozens of houses, as many buyers currently do, could soon become a thing of the past.

In the future, whenever you walk past a home that matches all your preferences and requirements, an alert will automatically be sent to your smartphone.
As virtual reality technology improves and becomes more readily accessible, the senses of touch and smell will also eventually be incorporated into virtual property tours, adding an extra dimension to the digital experience.

So while some of the changes expected to hit real estate technology may take the better part of a decade to be fully felt, we’re taking steps forward all the time.
Technology will continue to transform the way we buy and sell property in future years, and we as consumers are set to benefit in multiple ways.

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