Home cleaning tips from First National Real Estate


Clean tips from First National Real Estate

How to get your home sparkling.

Glass cooktops

“Cook Top Magic – Works like magic to remove the baked-on rings, with little to no elbow grease. There’s also one available for cast iron cook tops that will help prevent rusting”

Window screens and tracks

“Window screens and tracks are always a drama but ammonia and detergent always works a treat”

Oven cleaner

“ Use ‘Easy-Off Oven’, spray. Leave, wipe… no scrubbing needed. It even cleans
the inside glass door for under $10. Tenants can purchase from the supermarket”


“Place the filters in the laundry tub with hot water and dishwashing liquid for a couple of hours- no scrubbing, just rinse!
The light fittings can be placed in the dishwasher on gentle cycle”.

Toilet Bowls

“Black marks on the bottom of the toilet bowl, hire a professional tradesperson to use
Hydrochloric Acid”

Soap Scum

“Use an old pair of stockings, bi carb and vinegar to cut through soap scum in the shower recess. “

Marks on walls

“Magic Eraser will allow you to spot clean little marks off walls that you would
otherwise have to paint”


“Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on smelly carpet, then vacuum up …. And, place raw coffee beans in a
cup to absorb smells like tobacco” –

Rust on Tiles

“Toothpaste helps remove rust marks on tiles”

Oven racks

“Soak oven racks in Napisan overnight. They will clean up much easier the next day”
“Soak overnight in laundry tub with cloudy ammonia and water. The black cooked on
grease comes off with ease”

“For oven racks place them in a black (or green) garbage bag and spray oven cleaner inside. Leave it
in the sun for the day. At the end of the day remove the racks and hose them off. The grease just falls
away. “

Septic Systems

“Chemicals can kill the good bacteria in a septic tank resulting in the need for pumping out of
the system more regularly. Try adding Yakult for 7 days to balance the system”

Mould on walls and screens

“Dilute white vinegar and apply to walls and screens to prevent it coming back. Bleach only removes it,
vinegar kills it”

Oil Stains

“Kitty litter removes oil stains from the floor of the garage”

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