Choosing the right Dog to fit your Home


Which Puppy/ Dog best fits your Home?

So you have decided to get a puppy, but you just are not sure which dog breed will best fit the size of your house (or apartment)

Well, before you find yourself paraphrasing any movie clichés like, “This place ain’t big enough for the both of us,” you will need to honestly assess how much space you will be able to give this new roommate of yours.

Best not base your decision solely on the adorable little puppy you might be cradling in your arms.
Puppies grow to their full size in a surprisingly short amount of time and it is important that you do not get a larger breed type dog now, with hopes of moving into a larger place later.
Plans can change, and it is better to wait until you have moved into the larger space than to find yourself and your mate crammed into a shrinking space.

Also, dogs can live for more than 13 years, so choosing to bring a dog into your life should never be an impulse decision. It’s a long-term commitment that should be carefully considered and discussed.
Keep in mind; even if your kids are begging you for a pet, it’s probably going to be you that ends up taking the bulk of responsibility for its care.

Watch the short Vid below to get an idea of some Ideal Breeds.


It’s important to remember that every dog is an individual.

While every breed has a general personality and disposition, there will always be variations. Do your research carefully and be sure to pick a pet that will fit your home, lifestyle, and personality.

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