Want a Smarter way to Lease or Sell your Home?

Lease or Sell your Home the Smarter Way

With today’s technology that’s on offer, we can sell your home, Smarter ways, that suits those who lead a busy life.

Advertising properties from paper to Social Media and across many other platforms is the norm.

Together with sophisticated imagery, videos, 3D tours now allow potential buyers to virtually walk through a home from anywhere at any time.

Greater transparency and access to market data are just some of the changes available to Buyers and Sellers.

First National has introduced a new digital marketing system

The system “Hyperlocal” advertising puts you at a distinct advantage when you Sell or need to Rent your property.

Hyperlocal advertising places online ads on mobile phones and websites in the vicinity of your property, increasing awareness that your property is available for  sale or lease right now.

You might have noticed that sometimes advertisements seem tailored to your patterns of internet use.

For example, if you recently looked at a pair of shoes or a holiday online, you might have noticed that adverts for that same pair of shoes and holiday resort keep popping up on different websites that you visit.
That’s because you’ve demonstrated active interest and that data can then be used by marketers to show you their products again.

Provoking Prospects

Prospective tenants and/or buyers may have visited an individual real estate website, major real estate web-portal, or a removals company website. Or, they may have recently used their credit card or loyalty card system to purchase packing materials or goods that would indicate a move is coming up. Analysis of this data makes it possible to identify tenants or homeowners who are about to move or are currently actively engaged in a property search.

So, it’s different from placing an advertisement on the usual property websites in a couple of important ways.

To begin with, prospective homeowners/tenants don’t even need to go looking to find your property. Our system finds them, based on their online searches and activities, then delivers five different types of digital advertisements right to their screen – no matter what websites they’re looking at!

Adverts are displayed across a limitless range of publications on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets – all within the vicinity of your property. The ads then drive enquiry directly to our website, not to major portals where competing properties are displayed.

“Marketing is no longer just printed collateral, it’s digital media, it’s social media, its data,” Mr. Basso says.

It’s now possible to sign a contract digitally and overseas buyers or expats returning home are able to buy a property through photographs, 3D tours, drone imagery, and even personalised tours agents conduct via video calls.

“You can completely sign a contract in digital format and the speed of a transaction can be very quick,” he said.

First National Basso chief executive Paul Basso said technology has given buyers and sellers access to more information than ever and the ability for agents to communicate in real-time.

“There is more information, sales data and market trends available than ever before,” he said.

The performance of agents is also readily available so vendors can do their research before they even meet an agent.

“What hasn’t changed is that buying and selling and leasing real estate is a very personal decision and while technology plays a huge part in the process, it’s still about helping people through the process.” explains Mr Basso.

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