Summer takes a toll on your property so early autumn is a great time to take another look as the weather cools and before the dampness of winter sets in. Make a list of the things you think need checking and, if the timing’s right, schedule a routine inspection to have them checked. Your property manager can investigate any maintenance issues and get to work. The things that always need to be checked are:

  • Fences, gardens & outdoor entertaining – clearing vegetation that died over summer, trimming overgrowth, feeding the lawn, repainting damaged fences & gates, weeding around paths & decks.
  • Walls, doors, windows and roofs – surfaces often need attention such as ivy being trimmed back, mould or water damage dealt with & general repairs.
    Check for damage or wear on door & window frames, or hinges/handles that need tightening or replacing. Window frames & doors might be due for repainting & it’s worth organising a professional to inspect the roof for any leaks.
    Have the external gutters cleaned and checked for blockages or corrosion, in preparation for the rain that autumn brings.
  • Appliance care, function and safety – appliances that clean things need to be cleaned themselves, so running a rinse aid /vinegar wash cycle a few times a year is a good idea, along with cleaning out the filters in washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.
    Heaters, fireplaces, smoke detectors, ovens, stovetops and hot water services all need checking.



Given the bathroom and kitchen is the place we go to get clean and cook every day, it’s shocking how uninspiring so many of them can be.
It can be tricky to make big changes that make it feel homely and inviting, but there are small things you can do to revitalize your home and make it your own precious haven.

Freshen and clean grout and tiles

Of course, keeping your bathrooms and kitchen clean from week to week goes without saying, but older-style homes can be prone to mold, strange smells, and weird discoloration.
Plus, they’re hard to keep clean and bright all the time, especially if they are any shades of white, cream, or pastel. Well thanks to innovation, we now have the magic of grout and tile whiteners. For as little as $10 – $20 you can get a tube of grout whitener, or even a magical grout pen, that simply sponges or draws over old grout and adds a whole fresh layer of white. You can use products like these on the wall and floor grout, but the catch is this quick fix might then make your tiles look worse than they did before. It may be worth getting some professional cleaners in once or twice a year to give your bathroom a ‘proper’ clean. They tend to have commercial-grade products and equipment along with the best tricks in the business.

Pick a colour scheme

This is a surprisingly underutilized hack and it doesn’t necessarily need you to spend a lot of money upfront. Choosing a colour scheme that matches or contrasts nicely with the existing décor can instantly make the place feel more stylish. Even those dark old 70’s brown or orange tiles can look better when paired with the right colours.
Cream accents will soften the brown, and some bright Aquas or teals can make that orange look totally different.
Add your favourite colour into that search term and prepare for your mind to be blown. The creativity and inspiration are endlessly fascinating.

Upgrade your Accessories

Bringing new colours in does not have to break the budget either. You can add a bathroom, kitchen, living accessories all in the same colours to your weekly shop, and hey presto you’re a stylist. Upgrade the things from time to time by replacing old towels and bathmats as needed, and choose accessories all in your new colour of choice to match.
Even a few flowers picked from local gardens and plonked into a jar can brighten the place up.

Green goes with everything

These days take advantage of natural greenery and plants in all their shapes, sizes and textures really do go with everything. From a succulent in a teacup to a leafy Monstera filling an empty corner, to a tumbling philodendron draped down one wall from a high shelf – the possibilities are endless and can be built on overtime.
Best of all they will continue to change the feel as they grow. Do some research first and talk to plant nursery staff about what plants will grow well in different environments as Ferns generally do well in bathrooms, as do aloe vera plants, philodendrons, peace lilies, and any small succulents or air plants.
Try to mix things up too with some larger potted plants in a corner, smaller succulents on countertops and hanging plants that drape down either suspended from the ceiling or positioned on a high shelf or cupboard.
Gently position branches so they trail naturally where you want them to be and you’ll be living your best rainforest life before you know it.

Get some day spa vibes

Revitalising a space is about more than just how it looks – the sensory experience matters too. That’s why they bake bread at an open house after all.
Adding a combination of candles, baths salts, essential oils, fresh flowers and music will absolutely transform your room and it can all be done on a budget.
Tealight candles, bath salts and even essentials oils can be bought at the supermarket these days (lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils can almost always be found in the health and beauty section).
Oil burners are easy to pick up in a range of stores too and if you spend an extra dollar or two on a fragrant and decorative soap or handwash you’ll appreciate the difference and be gently transported to your own personal day spa every time you walk in.
Our best tip – add a drop of essential oil to a facecloth, rinse in warm water and enjoy its aroma.

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